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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Beomaster 8000: Power Test Update

The +15V regulator is now functioning correctly on this Beomaster.

The next thing to do is recheck the no-load current and the DC offset adjustments again.

I did both channels and no problems with those adjustments. I didn't expect any since I had already tested these output amplifiers by themselves earlier.

I usually do a first listening test using the Beomaster TP2 source once I am confident the amplifiers are ready. This unit fired up and played just as beautifully as I expected.

I performed the same check on TP1 and it played great too.

After an initial scare where the FM tuner wasn't producing any sound, it turned out the problem was only a faulty connector not making contact. I fixed that and the FM tuner also works great. The signal meter and tuning display indicate the FM board is picking up stations.

A good second test overall. The power supply tests all pass now and I was able to successfully recheck the output amplifier settings. Best of all I got to hear a nice preview of this Beomaster playing music again.

The next steps are the obvious display segment repair and I will do the preventative update of the microcomputer oscillators.

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