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Friday, April 6, 2018

Beomaster 6000 (2702) restoration: putting all PCB's back into the main frame

After some vacation, a business trip and a few other urgent repair projects, it was time to get back to the big Beomaster 6000 quad restoration project ! Last time, after a successful test of the unit outside of the main frame (click here), the main power transformer, power caps and rectifier were put back into the main chassis together with the added extra fuse (click here).

When checking all the PCB's and figuring out a way to put everything back into the chassis without desoldering all the boards, I discovered a few issues. The first was the aluminium hooks that I added to the power stage output board (click here) to hold it firmly in place. The glue did not stick....and the hooks where loose. So I decided to glue them back with epoxy  glue to make the bond stronger (in stead of the "one second glue" that I used originally).

The second issue was the main power cord and the way that cable was going to the fuse box. It's difficult so see in below picture, but the cable was outside the transformer box and preventing the subframe with the 4 output stages to sit flat on the main frame. The cable was supposed to be going inside the transformer box.

OK a 10 minutes work. Done. Now let's put everything back in the chassis. Should be easy, if you know how to dismantle something, just do in the reverse order.....Maybe this is true for a IKEA furniture, but not so with a Beomaster 6000 quad ! So many wires that need to be carefully moved around to avoid braking off at the soldering points. Luckily I took plenty of pictures before disassembling and I also have another unit laying open so I can peek inside that one!

But still.......It all looked too big to fit in there....

But after about 1,5 hour of gently moving the whole bunch of PCB's, cabling, subframes, etc., off course it DID fit in there !

Time for a pause now. Next will be a thorough check of all the wires, screws, bolds, etc. before powering it up. And still a lot more to be done: the FM dial display, the dial wheel with the cord, the key panel, some more calibration, the red plexi display and the wood plinth. Stay tuned !

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