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Beogram Internal RIAA Pre-Amplifier

 ***********************************Beogram Internal RIAA Pre-Amplifiers **************************************

The new 2023 version of the Beolover RIAA internal pre-amp is now compatible with both Beogram 4002 and 4004s, and Beogram 4000.


This gives an impression of the re-design for the 4002/4 (Types 551x, 552x). The new RIAA board can directly replace the original output board. This shows old and new together:

The board has the proper keyboard connector for 4004, i.e. is directly compatible without the need for any modifications. Read more about the performance of the new Beolover RIAA pre-amp in this post.

This shows the same circuit adapted to fit into the Beogram 4000:

It solders directly to the terminal where normally the output cable connects. The board can be switched between RIAA and standard non-amplified phono output. Read more about the installation process here.

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