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Beolover Restored Bang & Olufsen Items for Sale

You have hopefully seen our numerous Bang & Olufsen restoration projects on the Beolover Blog.  Occasionally we have some items that are looking for a new home.  These Bang & Olufsen units are fully restored and come with a one year warranty.  

We welcome any questions about them and hope that one of these becomes yours.
Please use the Beolover Blog contact form for those inquiries.

Beogram 4004 Type 5526  SN2030024  SOLD

Here is a beautiful turntable in teak trim that has just had one owner - who purchased this unit new in 1979. 

Along with being a cosmetically beautiful example of a Beogram 4004 this turntable has been fully restored here on the Beolover Blog.

The Beogram was completely disassembled, cleaned and lubricated. Parts were replaced where necessary. New platter and tangential drive belts were installed.

Here are some of the highlights...
The original transport lock bushings and the securing mount for the large reservoir capacitor have been replaced with Beolover custom 3D printed parts.  The original, plastic pulley for the tangential arm drive has been replaced with a new, machined aluminum pulley.

You can view and read more details here.

The DC platter motor was restored and tested. It should be good for at least another forty years.

Here is the blog post about this motor restoration.

The tangential tracking sensor light source and the fixed arm record detector light source were replaced with the Beolover custom LED circuit replacement parts.

You can view the details of those replacements here.

Of course all of the old electrolytic and tantalum capacitors were replaced with high quality 105°C rated electrolytic and WIMA capacitors. The platter speed select and phono muting relays were replaced with modern, Omron sealed relays. New multi-turn trimmer resistors were installed for the platter speed adjustments.

The blog details of the recapping restoration are available here.

Mechanical and electrical service manual checks were performed as part of the restoration.

They can be seen here at this Beolover Blog post.

This is indeed a rarity to find such a beautiful Beogram 4004 that is fully restored to like new condition.

The price for this completely restored Beogram 4004 Type 5526 turntable is $1400 USD.
That does not include a phono cartridge.

We have an original Bang & Olufsen MMC-20EN elliptical stylus phono cartridge with low miles and tested available for $200 USD.

Shipping cost will be the actual cost to ship and insure the package via UPS in the continental USA and Canada.
There will be a $50 USD charge for a custom built shipping box for the Beogram.

Local pickup or delivery can be arranged in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas.

Warranty on this turntable is one year parts and labor (shipping is excluded).

This turntable is sold.