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Monday, April 30, 2018

Beomaster 8000: Display Board Burn-In Test In Progress

I have been enjoying playing music through this latest Beomaster 8000 unit as I check out the work I have done on it so far. This is always a satisfying and enjoyable time in a project. You feel good about the repair and have a real sense of accomplishment.

Now it is time to get the remaining tasks done and that means shutting off the Beomaster for a while and returning the display board to the bench for the segmented display repairs.

To remove the four LED segmented display modules you have to first desolder their connectors from the board in the back.

Then the plastic holder pieces are removed and the display modules taken out.

You can see more detail of the individual modules on the display reference post I made earlier.

I removed the plastic tabs that hold the display modules together and prepared the boards for new SMD LED replacements.

Here are the four boards after I stripped off the old LEDs. I also cut off the small tab trace I mentioned in the primer so the new SMD devices fit better.

This picture shows an original FM frequency display board next to one that is fully prepared for new LEDs.

Here are the FM frequency and source selection display boards fitted with new SMD LED devices.

This task is the most time consuming and tiring task on the Beomaster 8000 but quite rewarding when you put the restored boards in the test jig and fire the new LEDs up for the first time.

All sixty-five light up perfectly.

I will let these run for twenty-four hours before fully reassembling the modules for installation back onto the display board.

24 Hour Update...
I sealed the display modules up and double-checked that all segments still illuminate.

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