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Beogram 4002: Restoration of DC Motor Video Published - Check It Out!

By popular request (really, I got quite a few emails about this!...;-), I finally completed my Beogram DC motor restoration video! It demon...

Beogram 4002/4004 Restoration

This video shows how to prepare and double-box a Beogram 4002/4004 for shipping:

This is a list of key posts about the restoration of Beogram 4002/4 series turntables:

Beogram 4002 (5513): Cabinet Repair and Guiding Washers Installation

Beogram 4002 (5513): Replacing the DIN 5 Cable with a Cable Featuring RCA Plugs

Beogram 4002 (5513): Power Supply and Replacing the Reservoir Capacitors with a 3D Printed Fixture
The 550x Types have a different reservoir capacitors setup due to the AC motor design. Check this post for details: Beogram 4002 (5503): Exchanging the Reservoir and Motor Capacitors and Recap of Main PCB

Beogram 400x: Cleaning and Re-lubricating the Tone Arm Lift Mechanism

Beogram 400x: Replacing the Tracking Sensor Light Bulb with a Plug-In Ready SMD LED Assembly. This post gives some more information about the record detection mechanism and explains the circuit diagram.

Beogram 4002 (5523): Replacement of the RPM Trimmer Light Bulbs with LEDs. This video shows in detail how to install them. If you have a 550x Type 4002, read this post. It discusses the differences between 551x and 550x types and features an adapted design of my SMD LED replacement boards.
(There is also a previous post, which describes the replacement with standard through hole RGB LEDs). And yet another post that also discusses replacing wavy white background labels in the RPM panel that cause a zebra pattern in the background illumination.

Beogram 4000/4002/4004 Output and RPM relay replacement with custom designed adapter PCBs that drop into the original relay's solder spots. Available for both National and Siemens type relays that were used across the Beogram 400x range.

Beogram 4002 (5513): DC Motor Restoration
This post explains how to restore the DC motors of the 551x and 552x types. The how-to video for oil infusing the oilite brass bearings is posted here. An additional failure mode of these motors are shorted spark snubbers. Beolover offers motor restorations including 24 hrs RPM stability testing. Just send an email or use the contact form to the left.
Beogram 4002 (5513): DC Motor Restoration and Yet Another Exciting Aspect of Achieving RPM Stability. This post discusses an aspect of the DC motor control system, that can lead to additional RPM stability problems. Sometimes the pickup coils for the RPM feedback get damaged during restoration of these motors. See here for an example.

Beogram 4004 (5526): (New Beolover Video!) Exchanging the Sensor Arm Light Bulb with an LED Assembly. This post points to a video that shows in detail how to replace the sensor (detector) arm light bulb with an LED. It also explains how the circuit works, and how to upgrade it for reliable performance.

Beogram 4002 (5513): Replacing the Electrolytic Capacitors on the PCBs

Beogram 4002/4004: Worn Keypad Restoration
Most Beogram 4002 and 4004 have keypads where at least one or two keys show wear patterns.
This post shows how this can be restored to a like-new look. Beolover offers this service to other enthusiasts. Just send an email or use the contact form to the left.

Beogram 4002/4004: 3D Printed Cabinet Guiding Washers

Beogram 4002/4004: Replacement of the Transport Lock Bushings With 3D Printed Parts

Beogram 4002/4004: Replacement of a Broken Cable Clamp/PCB Holder

Beogram 4002/4004: New Belts and RPM Adjustment

Beogram 4002/4004: Sudden RPM Changes - Replacing RPM Trimmers and Relay

Beogram 4004/4002: Tracking Force Adjustment and Zero Force Balancing

Beogram 4002/4004: Adjusting the Tonearm Lowering Limit

Beogram 4004: Characterizing a MMC20EN Cartridge with an Analogue Productions Test LP

Beogram 4002: Signal Path between DIN5 Plug and Cartridge, Plug Replacement

Beogram 4000: Polishing the Hood

Beogram 4002: Keyboard Repair - Detached Backstops

Beogram 4002 (5501): Replacement of End Groove Detection Light Bulb with an LED

Beogram 4004: Installation of Beolover 4002 RIAA preamp (RIAA preamp needs a small modification to work in a 4004)

Some faults and their repair:

Beogram 4002 (5513): Repair of a Broken SO ('Shut Off') Switch

Beogram 6000 (5512): Dead IR Diode in Carriage Position Sensor (same procedure for 4002/4s)

Beogram 6000: Carriage always runs across the platter and RPM switches to 45 after START

Beogram 4002: Too Early Arm Lowering and RPM Change During START

Beogram 4004: START Key Not Working

Beogram 4002: Non-Working End Groove Detection - Repair of a Detached Carriage Position Sensor

Beogram 4002 (5501): Random Stop Issue Fixed - Defective Photo Resistor in the Spindle RPM Sensor

Beogram 4002 (5501): Repair of a Strange Fault Caused by a Shorted Diode D6

Beogram 4004 (5526): Adaptation of a 1985 Platter DC Motor and an Exciting New Motor Failure Mode The failure mode described in this post is a short between spark snubber wiring and one of the coils on the rotor of the motor.


  1. I recently acquired a B & O Beogram 4002 before the music teacher threw it in the trash at the school I work at. These are new to me, but I have fixed other turntables and wasn't afraid to get my hands dirty. It seems to work just fine, but the stylist won't drop. I can manually move the solenoid and the mechanism works fine tommy knowledge. I fear it isn't getting the "signal" to engage.


    By the way, I love your YouTube videos and learned a lot while researching the answer to my problem. If the answer is in there please direct me to the correct video. I was able to do other "fine tuning" on the machine thanks to your videos.

    Please let me know what you think.

    Randy Schuster

    1. Hi Randy, I am by far not as good as restoring these as beolover is. But as I recall the solenoid motion is dampened by the air pressure in the valve to it's right.there is a screw situated on top of it, that if I understand it correctly allows the air to get out of the cylinder. Open it should ensure that the arm goes down. It seems to be a common problem when they are not in use. Taking the the cylinder appart and treat them with a bit of oil helps. Again I am no technician, but it worked for me.

      - Jens

    2. Hi Jens
      Interesting. I have the same problem. Could you post a picture of the exact screw you are mentioning?
      Thanks from The Netherlands says Matthé

  2. Hi - I recently adopted a 4004 turntable (and beomaster 2400). The 4004 seems to work just fine but; the speed slows for a couple of songs near the middle portion of album play. This pattern repeats.
    Any ideas? Thanks - M

  3. Fixed. Platter was rubbing on a screw head on the tonearm transport. Raised platter. Thanks for the good videos on these, they helped me understand how to get in and delve.

  4. Back! It was not a screw head but a red plastic application of some sort.

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