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Late Beogram 4002 and the 4004 (Types 551x and 552x), which have DC platter motors instead of the earlier synchronous AC motors usually suff...

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Beogram 4002/4004: Updated LED Assemblies for Replacing Incandescent Bulbs in the RPM Adjustment Panel

I recently re-designed the circuit boards of the LED assemblies for replacing the regular incandescent light bulbs in the RPM adjustment panels of Beogram 4002 and 4004. The main reason for the re-design was a manufacturer inconsistency in the red-green LEDs that I used in the previous version. This required occasional adjustment of the resistor values to maintain the 'incandescent looks' of these panels. At the same time warm-white LEDs have become much more ubiquitous in recent years, and so I decided to re-design the boards using such warm white LEDs. This shows the new assemblies:

I recorded a video that shows how to install them. Enjoy!:

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