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Saturday, January 15, 2022

Beogram 4004 Type 5526: A Local Beogram 4004 Project Begins

I have been fortunate to have restored quite a few vintage Bang & Olufsen audio components for original owners. I like that because they remember what these components were like brand new and are the ideal judge for a restoration project.

This Beogram 4004 looks to be in great shape although it doesn't have a couple of nicks in the plinth wood trim.


The button control panel has the expected wear on the button panel surface.  

The inside is very clean as I would expect from an original owner's Beogram.
I do see some debris from deteriorating suspension transport lock bushings. That is also expected as we see that on almost every Beogram 400x turntable.

I pulled out the platter motor of course and sent it to Beolover for a full restoration of that component.

The restoration plan to start with is to focus on returning this Beogram to perfect functional condition.
Along the way we will decide how much restoration we will do on the cosmetic condition of the turntable.  That is an advantage for a local owner as shipping is not involved with this unit.  A restoration can be done in more than one visit to the workshop :-).

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