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Friday, May 27, 2022

Beogram 400x: 3D Printed Arm Support for Shipping

I got finally tired of using foam and tape to support the arms of Beogram 400x during shipping. A while ago I received a Beogram for restoration that came packaged with the original B&O arms support made from rubber. Believe it or not: I forgot to take a picture of it! But I copied the design for 3D printing at a later point and then I forgot about it.

Recently, I came across the design and decided to print it with flexible TPU filament. It worked very well:

This is how it installs:
Simply bend the U-cradle a bit apart and slide it under the arms. Then press them gently into the U-shape Done!
No more tape on the arms! This part will become a standard feature of the Beolover shipping container! Beolovely!

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