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Monday, February 14, 2022

Beogram 4002 AC Motor Restoration

I recently received an AC platter motor from a Beogram 4002 for restoration. This shows the motor as received:

I removed the pulley, drilled out the rivets and opened it up to extract the rotor and the coil carriers:
Then I submerged the housing halves in motor oil and pulled a vacuum:
Vigorous bubbling started as air was drawn from the assembly.
After 24 hrs the bubbling stopped and I cleaned the parts from excess oil and reassembled the motor. Since the removed threaded rivets cannot be used anymore, I provide 3D printed nut carriers that allow adjusting the motor tilt with two new screws, similar to the original threaded rivets:
If the motor is not associated with a particular Beogram 4002, I always supply additional nut carriers and M3 screws in case the motor is used in a Beogram with belt guides, which also need threaded rivets. See here for an example for a motor with belt guides (usually to be found in earlier Beogram 4000s).

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