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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Beolover MMC Cartridge Storage Box: Yet Another Redesign

Sadly, I had to retire my last Beolover MMC storage box design due to inconsistencies in Shapeways' production output. The tolerances requirements for press-fits is fairly high, and Shapeways seems to have variances that are too large. Recent orders yielded parts that were a bit too tight and the cartridges would not fit smoothly anymore.

Triggered by the desire of a customer to acquire a few of the storage boxes I set out to come up with a more robust (in production terms) redesign that can be printed directly by the Beolover Printer Farm. This shows my new approach:
The white insert is printed from a special flexible filament, which gives it a rubbery texture that holds the cartridge securely in place. This insert slides into a hinged hard shell box that protects everything. The insert is held in place by a protrusion from the bottom of the box that clips into a matching opening in the insert.

This shows the box closed:
The 'window' informs about the content of the box. So if one has several cartridges for different listening situations, it is easy to find the right box. Beolovely!

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