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Beogram 4002: Restoration of DC Motor Video Published - Check It Out!

By popular request (really, I got quite a few emails about this!...;-), I finally completed my Beogram DC motor restoration video! It demon...

Beogram 4002 Commander Remote Control

********************Beogram 4002 Commander MkII Released*************************
The MkII version adds an auto-repeat function. An LED indicator that utilizes the 4-channel "4-ch" indicator in the Beogram 4002 control cluster indicates single- and multi-repeat (up to 10 plays) functions. Check out more details here. The installation video is shown below.

The Beogram 4002 Commander remote control receiver allows the full control of a Beogram 4002 (all DC motor models - Types 551x and 552x) turntable with a standard Apple TV remote. The Commander board is 'paired' with the Apple remote, i.e. there is no conflict with other Apple remotes in the vicinity. The 4004 version is currently under development. This YouTube video demonstrates the current version (the 'historic' links below document the development of the Commander):

This video guides through the installation process:

This video introduces the 4002 Commander MkII version with auto-repeat:
Historic links (newest on top):

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