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Beolover SyncDrive: DC Platter Motor Replacement for Beogram 4002 and 4004 (Type 551x and 552x)

Late Beogram 4002 and the 4004 (Types 551x and 552x), which have DC platter motors instead of the earlier synchronous AC motors usually suff...

Beogram Commander Remote Control

***********************************Latest Beogram Commander Version Released**************************************
The new 2021 version is now compatible with both Beogram 4002 and 4004s. A specially designed adapter board enables 4004 keypads to be connected to the Commander.

Get your Commander at the Beolover Store.
Please, get in touch at beolover@gmail.com for questions.

********************Check out the new Beo4 enabled Commander: Integrate any Beogram 4002 and 4004 with Beo4 or Beoremote One controlled B&O systems!********************

********************A Commander version for AC motor Beogram 4002s is now available, too*********************
A post discussing the installation of the AC-version in a Beogram 6000 (5505) can be found here.

***********************Control your Beogram 4002/4 via BeoSystem4! See here for details.************************

This YouTube video introduces the updated version, demonstrates its use, and shows in detail how to install it (no soldering required!):

The Beolover Commander remote control module allows the full control of Beogram 4002 and 4004 (all DC motor models - Types 551x and 552x) turntables with a standard Apple TV remote. The Commander board is 'paired' with the Apple remote, i.e. there is no conflict with other Apple remotes in the vicinity. 
Protect your fragile keypad with the Commander. No more smudges and worn keypad coating.

The Commander also improves the functionality of your Beogram:
The Commander not only mirrors all keypad functions, it also adds a fast scanning function and auto-repeat that allows programming up to 10 automatic repeats.

These are the Commander functions:

This shows the Commander Module:

The Commander board plugs directly into the keypad connector on the main PCB. The IR receiver feeds in-between the plinth and the metal enclosure of the Beogram. The auto-repeat indicator is mounted under the RPM panel of the Beogram and uses the (usually unused) CD-4 indicator to signal activated auto-repeat. The 4004 adapter enables the Commander to be installed also in Beogram 4004s.

Get your Commander at the CleanerVinyl Store: https://www.cleanervinyl.com/commander.html

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