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Friday, June 9, 2017

Beogram 4004 (5526): Replacement of Convertible DIN7 Plug with DIN7 Socket and an RCA Adapter Cable

Any restoration of a Beogram should include the replacement of the DIN connector to ensure a low impedance signal path on the way to the amplifier. In the case of a Beogram 4004, the DIN connector is a convertible male DIN 7 plug, where the two additional pins can be unscrewed from small sockets. These two pins would carry the remote control signals from a Beomaster 2400, which is designed to control the 'start' and 'stop' operations of the Beogram 4004. An early form of Beolink, so to speak. But of course, if one does not connect to a 2400, these pins are not needed, hence the convertibility. This shows the plug with the empty two sockets at the ends of the 5 pin half-circle:
This type of plug is no longer available, and so I resorted to replacing it with a DIN 7 female socket, which then connects to a jumper cable with the desired number of pins or RCA termination. In essence this approach converts the Beogram 4004 output scheme to that found in the later Beogram 800x models, who have a DIN 7 socket mounted in the back of their enclosures. That way one can connect with both DIN 5 and DIN 7 jumper cables to a non-B&O or B&O amplifier.

Even cable mount DIN 7 sockets are difficult to find these days, but Steve at soundsheavenly.com can provide them. Here are a couple impressions: This shows the socket soldered on:
and with its shield in place:
And finally with a DIN 5 to RCA adapter cable:

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