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Monday, June 5, 2017

Beogram 4000: Restoration of the Main and Power Supply PCBs

After replacing the reservoir and motor capacitors of the Beogram 4000 that I have on the bench right now, it was time to rebuild the main and power supply PCBs. It is a good idea to replace the RPM relay and the RPM trimmers along with the electrolytic capacitors since they are often corroded. This shows the main PCB in its original condition:
This is a detail show of the old Siemens relay and the RPM trimmers:
And here an impression after replacing the parts:
The Beolover replacement relay is a drop-in assembly that has the same footprint as the original non-standard Siemens design:
It uses a modern encapsulated relay that promises upward of 2 Min switch cycles before failure...that should last for a few extended vinyl listening sessions!...;-).

The remaining task here was to replace the two Ta capacitors on the power supply board. this shows the original:
The two brown-white units on the right side are the 1uF caps that need replacing:
And this concludes the restoration of the electronics. The next step is the rebuild of the motor.

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