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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Beogram 4002 (5521): A New Arrival - First Impressions

A Beogram 4002 (5521) model in nice cosmetic condition arrived a couple of days ago for some TLC. The unit came with an indication of dead tracking sensor and 33 RPM light bulbs. It also came double boxed, which helped ensure uneventful travels (I recently made a video describing preparation for shipment and packing of a 4002/4. It is posted here). This shows the inner box:

and after taking the unit out: The foam pads held the sub platter down. Very important are the strips of no-residue tape holding the arms and the RPM panel in place during shipment.

The condition of this 4002 is very good except a few minor blemishes like a small shaved off bit of veneer on the right corner of the plinth:
The keypad is also in pretty good condition showing only minor finger marks on the coating:

The hood has the usual scratches commensurate with nearly 40 years of service:

Remarkable is that the Beogram 4002 lettering is missing on the aluminum trim in the back of the hood:

Finally there are a few marks on the arm weight cover, which hopefully can be removed:

Operationally, I noted that in addition to the dead light bulbs the motor urgently needs lubrication. It is emitting shrill noises when running without platter installed, a clear indication of dry sleeve bearings. Furthermore, the transport locks are disintegrating as is evident from the telltale orange plastic fragments distributed throughout the unit:

Unfortunately, the MMC20EN cartridge that came along has a suspension problem. The cantilever is at an off angle. It is interesting to note that the last 4002 that I restored also had an EN cartridge with exactly the same issue. I hope this is not a pattern...Here are a couple pictures:

This can be fixed by Schallplattennadeln.de or Soundsmith. Waiting for a reasonable offering on ebay is another option. In summary, however, I would say this 4002 is a pretty good starting point for a restoration.

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