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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Beogram 4000: Replacing the Keypad Light Bulbs with LEDs

The next step of my restoration of the Beogram 4000 that is on my bench right now was to replace the light bulbs in the control panel assembly with LEDs. I like to do this to increase the longevity of the unit and to guard against shipping issues. Incandescent light bulbs do not like vibration...Here is a picture of the opened up keypad:

The two bulbs at the top end are the bulbs that illuminate the unique position indicator feature of the Beogram. The vertically implemented bulbs below illuminate the RPM trimmers. I recently developed SMD LED based PCBs that replace the two position indicator bulbs (these parts are available - just send me an email). This shows the boards before installation:
The RPM trimmer bulbs can be replaced with standard red LEDs and current limiting resistors. Here is a picture of the implanted LEDs:

And after starting up the Beogram:

The position indicator LEDs are red-green LEDs tuned to appear with an incandescent sheen. This ensures that there are red photons to properly illuminate the red scale indicator.

This shows the LEDs at work after closing the panel back up. The red indicator is missing, since I did not reinstall the panel since I still need to restore proper functionality of the keypad switches. The unit has some issues with the slow scanning functions, which is an indication that the switches are corroded.

Very beautiful! What a nice design.
While I was in there I also glued the strobe light mirror back on (it often does off at this age):

On to the keypad switches!


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