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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Beogram 4002 Commander Remote Control: Installation Video

Lately my Beogram 4002 'Commander' remote control system seems to have become popular and I received a few orders in a short period of time. A popularity burst if you will...;-). Maybe it has to do with the fact the the Commander can now be paired with a specific Apple TV remote, enabling to use it together with Apple equipment in the same room. The Commander was designed for late model 4002s that have the keypad connector on the main circuit board (types 551x and 552x). Last weekend I produced three of the receivers and shipped them out today bundled with paired Apple remotes:

On this occasion I decided to add a video to guide my customers through the installation:

There is a separate video that demonstrates the functionality of the 4002 Commander:


  1. Hi i want to by a comander remote for beogram 4002 Ronald

  2. Okay here we go, just plug and play this awesome Beogram 4002 Commander and gave a try with three LPs, first of all followed carefully the step-by-step instructions and done. Very impress by the degree of skill and the general looks of this commander, in particular the three grey littles cables instead of red or black are very nice and not to visible, very “couture" I could say. ;-)
    This is very beolover and approved…!

    1. Glad you like your 4002 Commander! This is beolove...;-)!!


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