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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Beogram 8000: Adjusting Horizontal Parallelism and Glueing the 3D Printed Plastic Tabs to the Carriage

The Beogram 8000 seems to like its new 3D printed plastic tabs that I implemented a few days ago. So I decided to epoxy them in place for long term stability. To be able to clamp them I needed to remove the tonearm carriage from the rail that I could turn it up to apply the clamps:

After applying epoxy to the remaining 'stumps' I clamped the new tabs in place:

After 5 min the epoxy had settled, and I took the opportunity to also adjust the horizontal tonearm parallelism. The adjustment screw can only be accessed from underneath the carriage, so this was the moment:

After adjustment the tonearm was at the same height as the sensor arm:


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