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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Vinyl Record Cleaner: Design Iteration 2

I cleaned a few records with my initial design of a vinyl record cleaner that uses Mr. Clean Magic Eraser pads. It seems to be very effective. Many previously crackly records sound now like new. Absolutely Magic!

But I was not satisfied with the handling of my initial design, and so I made a few changes. I beefed up the wall thickness by 0.5 mm and also introduced a longer pin that holds the record. That makes it much more straight forward to insert a record since one does not have to press it down anymore onto the lower pad to be able to get the pin through the center hole. Furthermore, a plateau was added at the outer end of the contraption that sits flush with the top part when both parts are put together. This took all instability and 'wiggle' out of it when pressed on a surface for the cleaning action. Here are a few pictures. The two parts with cut to size pads:

In action:

This shows the dirt that was taken out of the grooves of a 12" single of Foreigner's "Urgent" (one of my youth favorites...;-) that I recently bought via Discogs in "Near Mint" condition and that proved a big crackly disappointment:

Now it is running very quiet and could indeed be called 'Near Mint'. Mr. Clean rocks!

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