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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Beomaster 8000: Replacement of a Damaged Control Panel Lid Linkage with a 3D Printed Reproduction

The Beomaster 8000 that I am restoring right now is close to being embedded into my Beosystem 8000 for some real life testing in our living room. I usually do that to make sure that there are no intermittent issues before I ship the unit out. Today I put it back together and when I was about to bolt the control panel lid back in, I realized that the linkage that connects it to the damper was installed in reverse orientation, and that one of the receptacles of the linkage had been bent open. When I took it apart it already felt that there was something wrong since the linkage came loose very easily:

Most likely the 'expert' who worked on this unit previously did not know that the linkage can easily be dislocated by turning the damper arm vertical and then sliding the linkage to the right off the hook that holds it in place. He instead used the hot air blower of his soldering station to soften the plexiglass and then removed the linkage...This is the fourth Beomaster 8000 with a damaged linkage that I am working on. When I encountered this issue the first time, I designed a 3D printed reproduction of the linkage. Luckily I printed a few more, so it was an easy task to replace the broken linkage with a working one:
For the record, here is a picture that shows how to position the damper arm to slide the linkage on or off:
Allright! After this I buttoned the Beomaster up and tested it. Everything seems to work now including the Terminal remote. Another 8000 back in service!

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