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Friday, November 6, 2015

Beogram 8000: Repair of Broken Off Plastic Tabs on Tonearm Carriage with a 3D Printed Part (II)

Allright! After fixing the broken off tab on the rear of the tonearm carriage of the Beogram 8000 that I am restoring right now, I came up with a similar fix for the broken off tab on the front. This one was a bit easier to access:

I decided to design a 'cap' that would fit on the remaining stump and hold the carriage down on the steep rod on which it travels:

This part was more challenging to print since on one side it had to be very thin to not alter the 'home' position of the carriage, and due to the oval orifice for the rod. Such structures are difficult to print due to th unavoidable gravitational forces that make it difficult to bridge voids with the printer. That is why the part looks a bit 'wobbly'. These pictures show the part installed. Here without steel rod:

And with steel rod in place:

The rod is easily taken out from the plastic receptacles that clamp it in place on either side, i.e. the part can be installed by removing and then inserting the rod into the part, and then clicking the rod back into its receptacles.
I ran the mechanism a few times and it seems to work very nicely...the part does not obstruct anything in the motion path of the carriage. So potentially this is fixed. Like with the tab in the back I had to iterate the part a bit until a good fit was obtained:

I will epoxy the part into place once I am certain it performs well. Without clue it would probably not stay in place during transport. 

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