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Monday, November 30, 2015

Beogram 4000: Installation of a New Gold Coated DIN5 Plug and a Grounding Switch

The beautification of the Beogram 4000 that I am restoring right now continues. I installed a grounding switch and a new gold plated Neutrik DIN5 plug. The grounding switch allows to combine signal and system grounds of the Beogram. This essentially allows to switch between the grounding scheme of the later 4004 models and the 4000/4002 set-up where system and signal ground are separated. Depending on the amplifier set-up it can be beneficial to be able to select either one to avoid the formation of ground loops that can cause humming. I recently made a post that illuminates this in more detail.

This shows the switch installed. The shown orientation corresponds to the original 4000 set-up with separated grounds. Flipping it to the left would connect both grounds:

Here are a few pictures of the DIN5 replacement. This shows the corroded original plug:

And here is a picture of the new plug:

Beautiful! this shows the leads as connected on the inside:

Good to know that the precious MMC signals can now travel unimpeded!

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