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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Beomaster 8000: Shipping Damage - Return Trip in a Double Box

Finally, it is time for the return trip for the damaged Beomaster 8000 that did not make it back well to its owner. I made the mistake to trust the original B&O packaging and did not insist on double boxing. This did not go well. Some ruffian must have dropped the package and a cracked uProcessor PCB and erratic performance resulted. Furthermore, and I am not sure if this was related to the shipping accident, my fix of the missing control panel lid spring retaining metal clip turned out to be unstable. The Beomaster sent out a piece of shrapnel and the spring broke out. I fixed this with a 3D printed insert. After fixing all this I put the Beomaster in our living room and embedded it into my Beosystem 8000 to test it for a few days to see if there are any intermittent issues. All this went well, and so I decided to try shipping again.

This time, however, I double boxed it using industrial HD packing foam that I cut to size to create a 2 inch foam cocoon around the original B&O box. The HD foam is perfect for slowing down the deceleration during impacts, while giving solid protection.

The outer shell is a double strength 12x24x36 box that I adapted to be 14 inch high to accommodate the additional foam layer on top. Here are a few pictures. I definitely recommend to make this extra effort whenever shipping one of the heavier B&O units. And this Beomaster 8000 definitely qualifies as heavy! The total package weight is about 70 lbs. Like a nice sack of cement, if you ever carried one up a few floors, you know what I mean...;-). If there is no original box available, a 10x20x30 box and some more HD foam is perfect as inner box.

I usually put some cardboard in between the foam layers to add some resistance to penetration:
Putting the Beomaster in:

I put a sheet of polyurethane foam on top to protect the surfaces a bit better:

This original box had some nice spaces to put the cord:
Here comes the double layer of foam on top
And an additional cardboard shield:
Folding the flaps over:
Due to the open area in the center I added yet another cardboard sheet and then about one roll of tape around everything:
And that's it! Let's try this again. I hope this trip goes better! Fingers crossed! May the FedEx man find some Beolove in his heart this time...;-)!

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