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Friday, May 15, 2015

Beomaster 4400: Recapping the FM Decoder PCB

The Beomaster 4400 that I am currently restoring works seems to be nicely now. I listened to it occasionally the last two days, and nothing else came up. So we decided to go ahead and do a recap. Definitely worth doing for this unit due to its excellent cosmetic condition. I already did the IF stage during the trouble shooting process. Today I followed up with the decoder board, that also can be removed. Here are a few pictures:
This shows the board 'in situ':

Taken out. It can be a bit tricky to get this board out since the plastic clamps can be fairly difficult to push through the holes. I usually put a touch of Ballistol around the routed openings in the PCB to ease the strain on the often brittle material:

And after exchanging all electrolytic caps with quality 105C Japanese models:

After this was done, I cleaned the headers on the main PCB and coated them with DeoxIT D100L for long term stability. Then I plugged the board back in and turned the Beomaster on. All good. The reservoir caps are next!

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