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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Beomaster 4400 (2419): Missing Preset Cover Replacement

It seems the Beomaster 4400 (2419) that I recently restored runs stable. I have it connected to my Beogram 4002 and I also tested it with the Beocord 9000 that I am working on right now, and everything functions very nicely. The final task was to replace the missing preset cover. There must be a big heap of these lost covers somewhere on this planet, but as long as we do not know where this Preset Cover Shangri-La is, getting authentic reproductions (injection moulded as the originals) from 'Dillen' (beoworld.org) is a great option. He recently sent me a few, and I installed one. Fits very well, maybe a bit tough to remove, but that will keep it (hopefully) away from their hiding place...;-). Here is a pretty shot of the cover:

Time to double box this Beomaster 4400 and send it back to its owner. That is the hard part of Beolove! Constant separation trauma...love can be pain...;-)

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