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Friday, September 18, 2015

Beogram 4000: Adjusting the Platter, Cleaning the Panels and Installing a 3D Printed Guiding Washer for the Cabinet

Today, I spent some time detailing the appearance of the Beogram 4000 that is on my bench right now. First I adjusted the platter height and position within the main aluminum panel. This is an important task, since only if the platter is centered and flush with the panels the Beogram looks right. When I got it the platter was way too low (and also so out of center that it was scraping on the panel):

So I adjusted the main bearing and the three suspensions of the chassis until things were right. Visit the original post for two videos that show in detail how to do that properly.

Here is a picture with everything adjusted and cleaned (the panels usually clean up very nicely with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser pads - just wet them a bit and then clean along the brush direction of the panels...):

How lovely! I can't wait until I'll have the hood restored!

While I played with these adjustments, I also rid this Beogram of the front center mounting screw of the plinth. This is a poor design, which they rectified in the later 4002 and 4004 models by installing an eccentric guiding washer instead of the floppy plastic washer and the shoulder bolt. 

Here is an impression of the original setup:

I recently designed a 3D printed replacement of the 4002-style washers, which is now available via the Beolover Shapeways Store. There is also a video about installing them. Here is a picture of the new washer in place:

I usually put a dab of Ballistol on the washers before installing them. That makes the plinth move in smoothly.

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