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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Beogram 4000: Replacing the Reservoir and Motor Phase Capacitors

I completed the recap of the Beogram 4000 on my bench by replacing the reservoir and the motor phase capacitor. I recently developed a 3D printed adapter for that, which secures the new smaller capacitors in the location of the old ones using the original mounting strap. This post gives more detail about the replacement process and a detailed 'wire map' of all the connections that go to these capacitors. It can get a bit confusing when doing this for the first time. Here are a few impressions from this particular Beogram 4000:

This shows the original cans:

This is the replacement assembly with the new capacitors placed into the 3D printed adapter. This shows how to prepare the capacitors to accept the wiring. Note that the two capacitors on the left are the replacement for the unipolar original 150 uF motor capacitor. I use two 300uF caps back to back:

And here is a shot of the installed assembly:

Like all the parts that I develop, this is assembly is available as a kit to other enthusiasts. Just send me an email.

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  1. Dear Rudy,

    is the capacitor assembly for the Beogram 4000 also available at your shop ? Can't find it there


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