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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Beogram 4000: Installation of a Neutrik Gold Plated DIN5 Plug

Another standard upgrade that I do for Beogram 4000s is installing a new gold plated DIN5 plug. The original ones are not gold plated and tend to be a bit rusty after all these years. This Beogram 4000 was not different:

This shows it taken apart in contrast with the new shiny Neutrik plug (Newark 27B4483) insert:

After cutting the old plug off, I prepared the cable for the new plug. This is a good length for taking the outer insulation off:

It is a good idea to strengthen the signal leads a bit with solder after taking the insulation off. This makes it much easier to solder them nicely into the tabs of the pins. then it was time to solder the plug on:

And here the lovely sheen of new gold contacts:

This is golden beolove!

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