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Monday, September 14, 2015

Beogram 4000: Zero Force Balancing and Tracking Force Calibration

The Beogram 4000 that I am restoring right now is getting ready for its first real test drive. Time to adjust the zero force balance and the setting of the correct tracking force. I made a video about this procedure a while ago on the occasion of a 4002 that crossed my bench. It is located here on my YouTube channel. The entire Beogram 4000 playlist can be accessed here

Here are a couple impressions from this particular Beogram 4000 restoration. The first step is zero force balancing. This requires the balancing of the arm with cartridge installed to a horizontal floating level when the force wheel is set to zero. I usually replace the locking washer of the original set-up with a M3 nut since the locking washer has too much play, which almost guarantees a change of the adjustment during the rigors of shipping. The nut holds the counterweight solidly in place:

Once the arm is balanced, the actual tracking force calibration can be undertaken. I do this with the original B&O tracking force balance. The force wheel is to be adjusted that the balance is horizontal after lowering the tip into the desired force spot on the balance:

Time to give this baby a spin!

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