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Friday, April 3, 2015

Beogram 4002 (5513): Replacing the DIN 5 Cable with a Cable Featuring RCA Plugs

The Beogram 4002(5513) that I am currently rebuilding will be used together with a McIntosh Preamp, i.e. the DIN5 connector that is standard on Bang & Olufsen equipment is inconvenient. The best solution with regards to shielding and lowest-possible EMI is to install a new cable with RCA connectors right at the source of the signal inside the turntable. Adapters are never a perfect solution.

Aiming for excellent sound quality, we decided to go with an solder-ready open ended RCA cable supplied by Sounds Heavenly in the UK. This cable features individually shielded left and right cables using a twisted-pair arrangement between signal and return path. At any rate, it looks very 'audiophile'...;-). I made a short video discussing the original DIN 5 arrangement, the installation of the RCA cables, and the differences between the 4002, 4004, DIN and RCA grounding and shielding schemes:

Here are a couple pictures of the installation. This one shows the new cables installed into the original plug of the DIN 5 cable:

And this shows the cable entry to the Beogram and the RCA plugs:

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