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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Beomaster 8000: Display Repair (II) - Assembly and Test

After a 24 hrs 'burn in' in my test fixture, I reassembled the Beomaster 8000 displays using my latest method to fix the red covers back to the PCBs. I now really like using hot glue for that. It can still be removed without much of a trace if one ever needs to get back in there, while making a pretty strong bond. And from the outside of the Beomaster the glue is not visible due to the bezel underneath the glass panel:

I usually run them for another night after glueing them back together, just to make sure that all than handling did not cause any trouble with the solder bonds of the LEDs:

Tomorrow, I will put them back on the PCB and also replace the incandescent light bulbs of the indicator lights with LED assemblies.

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