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While enjoying 'The Eurolife', Beolover will also set up a workbench and do some beoloving (vacations can be a bit boring!...;-). While my main focus will be development work, I am also accepting two Beogram 400x restoration projects. Start: Mid-June. Send an email to if you are interested. 

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Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Beogram 4004 Type 5526: Restoration work - Part 3

In today's post of the Beogram 4004 restoration work I completed the swapping of the Beogram 4004 RPM indicator lamps with the Beolover LED replacement lamp modules.

I also disassembled the Beogram 4004 keypad so I could clean the contacts.

First the RPM indicator lamps.
The following series of photos show the disassembly of the original RPM indicator lamps.

Now the photos of the installation of the Beolover LED replacement modules for the Beogram 400x RPM indicator lamps.

I have used every version of the Beolover RPM Indicator replacement modules and this version is the best and easiest to install.  Very nice.

Here are the photos of the Beogram 4004 keypad disassembly (to get to and clean the contacts).

The contacts don't look too bad in the photo but a closer shot of the contact points show the contacts to be quite tarnished.

After cleaning the contacts I coated them with some Deoxit and let them dry.

This Beogram 4004 is close to being ready for reassembly.

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