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Monday, June 20, 2022

Beogram 4004 Type 5526: Restoration work - Part 2

I continued the main restoration tasks on this Beogram 4004 today by performing the following tasks -

Replacing the Fixed Arm Record Detection Sensor Lamp with the new version of the Beolover LED Record Detection Sensor Lamp.

Replacing the Tracking Sensor Lamp with the Beolover LED Tracking Sensor Lamp.

Replacing the old Servo Motor damping material with new neoprene closed-cell foam material.

The following series of photos show the steps in replacing the Fixed Arm Record Detection Sensor Lamp.

The lamp and sensor assembly pull out from the front end of the Fixed Arm.

Note that the new Beolover LED sensor lamp leads are bent up a little before the solder connection.
The reason for that is to ensure the lead doesn't short to the mounting rivet of the small board in the Fixed Arm.

Here is the Beolover Tracking Sensor LED Lamp assembly installed on the Tracking Sensor assembly (at the base of the tonearm).

Last...Here is the replacement of the damping material in the Beogram Servo Motor housing.
As shown before, the original damping material has become very dry and brittle.  It is already starting to shed some loose foam material.

Here is the Servo Motor wrapped with new neoprene closed-cell foam.

Re-attached to the floating chassis assembly and ready to be connected again.

Tomorrow I will replace the incandescent speed indicator lamps with the Beolover LED speed indicator lamps.

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