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Friday, December 9, 2016

Beogram 8002: Transplantation of Output PCB

Finally I had some time again to work on the Beogram 8002 that I recently started to restore. The last two weeks were an 'interesting experience' after Michael Fremer's video appeared on analogplanet.com featuring my CleanerVinyl ultrasonic vinyl cleaning equipment

The next step in this project was to transplant the DIN7 output assembly from a parts-Beogram 8002 that I acquired from a crooked audio repair shop in Chicago. This unit is now coming in handy here since the 8002 was missing its DIN7 output cluster:
I always wonder what drives people to do such things, but here we are on our interesting little self-absorbed planet...;-).

I extracted the assembly from the parts 8002:
I decided to update the relay with a modern encapsulated unit while I had everything on the bench. The original Omron G2V-2 relay can easily be replaced with its modern G5V-2 cousin, which has the same footprint:
And here is a photo of the installed new relay:
and with its shield clamped on:
This shows the restored wiring:
After verifying that the relay worked properly I installed a grounding switch that allows to connect signal and system grounds if there is a hum problem:
On to the two other issues that I was able to identify: The deck does not detect the absence of records and happily lowers the arm onto the platter. It also has a missing digit in the RPM display. One step at a time.

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  1. Some on my wires need re-attaching and I'm not sure how they go. Because of the bunching of the cables and similarity of grey/white and black cables, it is hard to cofrirm from your picture. I wonder if you could do me the great favour of confirming the connections on the following diagram:
    Cheers, Stuart.


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