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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Beocord 9000: Belt Deterioration

On any old audio gear that requires rubber belts to operate you would expect that changing the belts to be required for a restoration. With the Beocord 8000 through 9000 tape decks that is also true but typically that step has an additional step of cleanup of the old belts. Pretty much every Beocord I have restored has belts that have deteriorated to the point of becoming a sticky, gooey, tar-like mess. I guess it is because the Beocord was stored some place warm for a long period of non-use. These components, like automobiles, do not do well when not used regularly.

Here is a picture of the belt residue found in this Beocord. As I said, this is a very common situation to find. Cleanup involves tweezers, Q-tips, Kimwipes and isopropyl alcohol. I try to carefully pull out pieces of the belts with tweezers wherever I can. Otherwise, trying to grab the old belt pieces with a Q-tip or Kimwipe smears the belt into more cleanup. Pieces of the old belt can be found in various places inside the Beocord.

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