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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Beogram 8002: Glueing on the Aluminum Panels, Installing the Hood and a Test Drive with Chico Hamilton on Impulse!

Time to put this Beogram 8002 back together! It came a bit as a kit with the hood removed and the aluminum panels detached. As usual I glued the panel around the platter on with epoxy using 4-40 washers to bridge the gap between the plastic shell and the panel:
After the epoxy had hardened it was time to glue on the panel:
After this it was time to put the hood back on. It simply clips into place around the back part of the plastic shell of the enclosure. The only sweat producing part is to get the leaf spring inserted the correct way while attaching the hood. This shows how the spring is to be inserted:
since I only have two hands, I fixed the spring in place with some Scotch tape:
This helps a lot since the assembly is upright during this attachment operation. Once the hood assembly was in place it was time to attache the smaller aluminum panel.
As usual, I attached it with three layers of double sided tape. That shimmed it up to the level achieved with the 1980s style foam adhesive tape B&O used back then to attach these panels to the plastic parts.

After all this it was time to give this 8002 a spin. I selected a recently acquired original pressing of Chick Hamilton's gorgeous "Passin' Through" album (Impulse A-29).
The second side is an amazing, almost psychedelic experience that would probably convert the most ardent digital music purist that vinyl is the way to go! Such a direct, warm and vibrant experience! Absolutely amazing! I wish I could find a time machine and go see a Hamilton performance live in the 60s!

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