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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Beocord 9000: Finishing Up The Tape Transport

The Beocord 9000 tape transport repairs have been identified and fixed. I did some more cleaning and lubricated moving parts as I started the reassembly of the tape transport. Even though I don't plan on changing out the Beocord thrust roller, I disassemble that assembly as well to clean and lubricate the parts involved. Here is a picture of that step.

Here is the tape transport ready for reassembly.

The first item to go back in is the take-up reel and supply reel assembly. That is followed by the clutch assembly and the interconnecting mechanics.

After that is the flywheel and belts.

Finally, the cassette holder and the opening damper assembly.

Since the Beocord 9000 being restored isn't ready for any electrical testing, I pulled an older Beocord 9000 I have and swapped its tape transport with this newly restored transport. I inserted an old pre-recorded cassette (from 1972!) that I always seem to use as a tape transport functional test. It is amazing that it has lived this long without getting eaten.

For this first tape transport test I only tested Play, Fast Forward and Rewind functionality. What I am looking for here is that the Beocord tape transport motor, wheels and belts operate smoothly and don't stop unexpectedly.

One thing to note at this point - I see a lot of Beocord units of the 8000 to 9000 series where people advertise them as just needing new belts. While that is most certainly true, the replacement of the rubber wheels are just as important if the deck is to perform Fast Forward and Rewind functionality reliably. In my first Beocord repair of this type I did everything except the wheels and sure enough, the Fast Forward function was very unsatisfactory. Sometimes it worked sometimes it didn't. The reason was the worn rubber wheels.

The initial tape transport test was a beautiful success. I ran the tape forward all the way to one end, then did a full reverse rewind. After that I spot checked the tape play. Everything worked extremely smooth.

The next step in the restoration will be to examine the electrical problem with this Beocord.

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