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Monday, January 19, 2015

Beomaster 8000: Replacing the Reservoir Capacitors

I finally received the 3D printed reservoir capacitor adapters for the Beomaster 8000 that I am currently rebuilding. So I set out to install the new capacitors as final step of the full recap of this unit. Here is a picture of the Makerbot II printed adapters together with the new 10000uF capacitors (105C power supply capacitors made by Nippon United Chemi-Con EKMH630VSN103MA50M):

These adapters give the modern, 35mm x 50mm capacitors the proper size to fill out the compartments of the Beomaster. For installing new reservoir capacitors the Beomaster needs to be dismantled substantially:

Once access is enabled, the procedure is fairly simple: Unsolder the old caps, and put the new ones in. Here are the pics of the right channel. Before:

and after:

And the left channel. Before:
and after:

And this concludes the recap of this unit!
While I waited for the 3D printed adapters, I fixed the broken out left hinge of the control panel cover. Luckily the fragment did not get lost...I glued the broken out piece back into place with epoxy glue. So far this seems to hold up fairly well...only time will tell if this really worked and whether it will survive shipping to the UK. Here is a picture of the glued-in fragment:

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