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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Beogram 4002/4004: New Belts and RPM Adjustment

A few months ago I received new Beogram 4002/4004 belts from 'Dillen' (Beoworld.org). Now was finally the time to install them into the Beogram 4002 that I am currently restoring. It seemed to need a new drive belt, since I had to considerably increase the speed trimmer to achieve 33 RPM. The Servo Belt also showed cracks. It seems it may have still been original. It had the prescribed triangular crossection, matching the groove in the pulley that drives the carriage spindle.

As in the case of the Beocord 5000, I thought it useful to take some measurements of the old and new belts for future reference (like when diving archeologists bring up this turntable in the year 2358 from the ocean floor where Florida used to be before global warming...;-):

Old ID
New ID
Old Crossection
New Crossection
Drive Belt (flat belt)
17” length when pressed flat
17” length when pressed flat
Width: 5 mm
Thickn.: 0.5 mm
Width: 5 mm
Thickn.: 0.85mm/
Servo Belt
31 mm
31.5 mm
Height: 1.5 mm /0.059”
Base: 2 mm /0.078”
0.75 mm/0.030”

I really like the much tauter feel of the new, thicker, flat belt...and indeed, after I put the new drive belt in, the speed was considerably higher, indicating slippage with the old belt. Now the speed trimmer was much closer to the '0' mark for a precise 33 RPM, i.e. the slippage was much less. I decided to make this perfect, and adjusted the primary speed trimmers on the circuit board (R14 for 45 RMP and R15 for 33 RPM) for a correct RPM setting when the user accessible trimmers are set to '0'. I did this with a small all-metal watch maker screwdriver for 33 RPM while holding down the '33' key (as one does for sweeping the platter before starting to play a record). There I noticed a remarkable behavior: The speed of the platter would immediately increase, seemingly beyond 45 RPM, whenever I stuck the screwdriver into the slot of the trimmer. After extracting it the speed would normalize...it appears that my body's resistance path to GND via the key pad affected the time constant formed with C3, which then throws off the difference amplifier in IC3, resulting in a change of speed of the motor.

Lesson learned: Finally get rid of the all-metal screwdrivers...they got me in trouble before when I fried one of the outputs of my Beomaster 6000 4-Channel by a screwdriver-caused short when adjusting the quiescent current...;-).

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  1. My 4004 functions fine except when playing arm will freeze in position and not move platter will continue to turn and album will skip?????


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