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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Beocord 5000 (4715/4716): First Recordings!

Today I finally hooked up the still open Beocord 5000 to my Beomaster 6000 4-Channel for some basic testing. I made a recording on a new TDK SA 90 via my Beogram 4004 (Miles Davis: Porgy and Bess, a nice pressing from the 70's; CBS 32188). It worked beautifully! The Beocord worked and responded like new (well, almost...see below). I pressed the record button, and adjusted the level sliders to yield a signal just below the red indicators, then re-set the tone arm to the beginning of the track ("The Buzzard Song"), and pressed Start. The 5000 started recording. After the song was over, I stopped and rewound, and played back. It was perfect. I am quite amazed of the quality of this 1977 deck's reproduction. Almost no difference, just a bit more hiss (I did use Dolby NR, though). Here is a first impression of the deck in action with and without the plexiglass cover:

What a beautiful machine! I just love the internal layout...wonderful analog pre-microcontroller design work. A slight downer of this blissful moment: Unfortunately, further playing around revealed that the Fade function is not (yet) working...well, tomorrow is another day! I am sure I will get this figured out, too!

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