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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Beomaster 6000 (2702) restoration: restoring the Commander - remote controller

This Beomaster 6000 quad came with the original remote control, called "Beomaster 6000 Commander" ! In the past I have seen different names printed on this device however: like "Beomaster 6000 control module". It is an ultrasonic remote control device that allows some basic functions: volume up/down, balance up/down/left/right, FM presets P1 to P5, input selection for Phone4 & Tape4 and stand-by. No idea why they did not include the AUX2 for example. Technically there is no excuse for not doing it.

The Commander did not look like it was heavily used. Just the usual small marks and scratches, but nothing uncommon.  After opening it, the same picture inside. Very little dust or dirt. Off course, the contacts needed to be cleaned and the board recapped (only 2 capacitors). And the trimmer replaced.

There is only one good way in cleaning the contacts: take them out! And that turned out to be more difficult than expected. The (4) bars with contacts are soldered onto the board. But even after desoldering everything, they did not want to come out. Closer (very closer...) inspection revealed that these bars have tiny retainers that keep the bars in the plastic "frame". You need to straighten these retainers in order to get the bars out and that was microscopic work.

Once out, it was just a matter of cleaning with a fiber pen and further cleaning & coating with Deoxit Gold. I noticed some small scratches on the contact bars. Probably from an earlier attempt to try to clean them with sand paper and without taking them out. 

After cleaning the bars they were soldered back in place. The gap between the bars and the small gold-plated "dots/contacts" is about 1 mm.  And yes, while your in there, clean the battery compartment contacts as well!

The whole board is fitted with only one bolt in the middle. Strange. But it does allow for some adjustment to bring the board closer or further away from the key panel. That is why the nut on the bolt is sealed with red paint.

A good looking Beomaster 6000 Commander I must say! Time to recalibrate this transmitter and the receiver.

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