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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Beomaster 6000 (2702) restoration: FM main dial screen

The dial cord that activates the FM potentiometer through a big circular wheel and shaft also serves as the link to a band with a red dial to indicate the FM channel frequency. This dial band is attached to the cord with a small plastic clip that is glued to the back of the dial band. Unfortunately this clip was broken. Apparently some glue was put on in the hope to keep the cord in place. This may have worked for some time but finally got detached again.

I wanted to re-fabricate the plastic clip and therefore it needed to be removed. Turned out not to be an easy task. The band is very fragile. Think of it like the magnetic reel-to-reel tape or cassette type of stuff. Anyhow I got it of with some light damage to the band.

Because of the damage, I made the new plastic clip a bit larger to cover completely the damaged area and have a strong bond between plastic and tape. Off course I first checked if this would not harm the free movement of the band over the complete width. The clip was made out of 1mm thick plastic sheet. Exactly the same thickness as the original one.

This clip was then glued wit Pattex GOLD to the tape and some pressure used for an hour.

I used this time to further overhaul the dial screen. The plastic rollers at both ends where removed, cleaned, greased and put back. Also the 4 glass bulbs where replaced with new ones.

The new clip is firmly in place now.

And now time to test the dial screen for good illumination !

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