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Saturday, February 3, 2018

Beomaster 6000 (2702) restoration: ultrasonic receiver and tone amplifier

Another PCB where everything is very tight and space is limited: "PCB 14, remote control receiver". Luckily not that many capacitors but also a few trimmers that I wanted to replace. And there I found again something interesting: the trimmers only had 2 legs ! The slider contact that typically sits in the middle, was here one of the two outer contacts. Never seen this before. So I had to modify the multi turn trimmers that I wanted to use. Not a big issue however.

The added advantage of using this type of multi turn trimmer on this PCB is that it is now reachable from the top and does allow setting without removing the PCB. This was not the case with the original trimmers.

Recapping the tone amplifier was pretty straight forward. All easy reachable capacitors. As you can see, this board is still attached tot the potentiometers (the string of coloured wires).  I did not want to unsolder all those wires unnecessarily . 

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