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Monday, April 11, 2016

MMC Cartridge Box: Now Available on Shapeways

What better way to celebrate my 400th beolover post with making the Beolover MMC Cartridge Box available on Shapeways?? It is time for adequate protection for our valuable cartridges!

It was a lengthy and difficult process to get this part designed and I had to go through many design iterations to get the 'feel' right. I desired to have a solid press-fit between the cartridge and the 'base' of the box to afford maximum protection to the cartridge in case someone accidentally drops the base after inserting a cartridge. The top on the other hand was supposed to fit with some, but not too much friction to enable easy access. Some manufacturing tolerances at Shapeways did not help this process either, and so it took me many design iterations and test prints to get to a point where the print outcomes between different print-runs were satisfactory.

So here we go: This shows the bases with cartridges inserted and the matching tops:
And with closed tops:
And why not get base and top in a duo-tone combination??:
There are 49 color combinations possible as they are available in seven colors...check out the parts at my Shapeways store!

Or use these direct links below for ordering. You can select the color during checkout. It usually takes about two weeks to get parts from Shapeways in most parts of the world.

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