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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Beogram 4002 (5513): New Transport Lock Bushings and cabinet Guidance Washers

Like so many, the Beogram 4002 (5513) that I am rebuilding right now had lost its transport lock bushings, and also all cabinet guidance washers needed replacement (someone replaced them prior with regular washers, which of course does not do a good alignment job in lateral direction). It is important to realize that a proper platter and arm alignment can only be done if the transport lock bushings are in place and the plinth is in alignment with the metal enclosure. If these items are not take care of before, the platter alignment can only be regarded tentative and would not survive transport.

This shows the front transport lock as I found it:
The bushing is completely missing. 
This shows the mechanism taken apart with the lower part of my replacement bushings installed already:
Add the top part:
My two-part design enables installation without having to take the entire sub-chassis out. There is a video about installing new transport lock bushings in my Beogram 4002 playlist. The bushings can be ordered directly from my Shapeways store. This is the link to the part. You will need two per transport lock.

This shows the reassembled mechanism with the new bushing in place:
the next step was to replace the cabinet guidance washers. This shows the left-back one as I found them. A number of the 4002s came with acrylic guidance washers and they usually crack in two halves. In this car someone replaced them with standard washers, which at least holds the plinth down. But it neglects the secondary function of these washers to actually guide the plinth in lateral direction, giving the slide mechanism an entirely different feel
Anyway, I replaced all five of them with my 3D printed nylon replicas from Shapeways:
There is a video about this procedure in my Beogram 4002 playlist. The guidance washers can be ordered directly from my Shapeways store. This is the direct link to the part. You will need five (there is one beneath the keypad, only visible once the keypad is removed).

Here is an impression of the right-back washer. Notice the lovely aluminum carriage pulley in the background, which was supplied by Nick from the UK (I will be happy to get you in touch if you would like to order one):
The next step is the platter and sub-chassis alignment. We are getting close to a test drive of this beauty!

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  1. I order and installed the Transport Lock Bushings from Shapeways on my 4004. Love the way they fit! Put in the bottom and top bushings, and they locked into place. Reassembled and tested that they lock the unit for transport, and worked perfectly!


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