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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

CleanerVinyl: Beolover's Approach to Ultrasonic Vinyl Record Cleaning

While I am pretty happy about my initial approach to vinyl cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning is the superior technology and it is just perfect for vinyl records! Hence, I always longed for an ultrasonic vinyl cleaner, but the currently available dedicated products are all very expensive and out of my reach. It just does not seem to make sense spending $3-4k on an ultrasonic vinyl cleaning device (unless you own a record store...;-). I'd rather spend the money on my rapidly expanding vinyl collection!

So I set out to design a cost effective but elegant solution that would allow me the use of a standard industrial grade ultrasonic bath. Ultrasonic cleaning technology has become a commodity and ebay is flooded with quality units in the $100-200 range that get the job done. The particular unit I selected has a 180W transducer (similar to what the 'competition' uses in their dedicated ultrasonic vinyl cleaners) and the bath size is just enough to hold a record deep enough to get to the final groove.

So, without further ado...(drum roll!!)...I give you the CleanerVinyl ultrasonic vinyl cleaning system:

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