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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Beomaster 8000: Frequency Dial Not Working

Today one of my friends came over with his Beomaster 8000 in his arms...I restored this one a few years ago, so I felt responsible. The nice bottle of Napa cabernet that came with the Beomaster also helped...;-).

So I put it on the bench and opened it up. A quick test whether the infrared LED in the encoder is toast is by shining a flashlight into the encoder to temporarily 'replace' the LED. The IR receivers in the encoders are somewhat sensitive to white light, i.e. they work with a strong LED flashlight. If the encoder works with the flashlight, the LED is toast (see my entry about fixing these LEDs: http://beolover.blogspot.com/2012/07/beomaster-volume-encoder-repair.html)

In this case the flashlight did not do anything....so I checked the encoder outputs on plug P79. There I got the proper 5V square waves, i.e. the encoder was working.

The next step was to measure the signal at the Schmitt trigger (HEF40196B, 9IC7). The signal arrived there...so on to 9IC3, the master microcontroller. And bingo: no signal at pins 13 and 14. This meant that in both A/B signal paths from the encoder the vias died...

It occurred to me that back then when I fixed this Beomaster up, I did not yet routinely rework the vias on the microprocessor board (PCB #9) when restoring the 8000.
So, I re-soldered all the vias on the board (I assumed the others were probably also close to no-contact...), and everything was fine!

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