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Saturday, February 3, 2018

Beomaster 6000 (2702) restoration: electronic switch and motor operation board

The Beomaster 6000 quad contains 2 important boards with a whole range of micro switches that are activated by the steel "tongues" on the front panel. They are not the touch-sensitive controls (like on the Bemaster 1900 than came out a little bit later), but pure mechanical contacts with a tiny air-gap of 0,5 mm. Therefore everything needs to be carefully aligned, cleaned and checked if you want to avoid that the user needs to push hard on the key-panel to activate a control. 

So, these 2 boards are recapped, contacts cleaned and all glass bulbs replaced (12V - 30mA plug in type, but with wires pulled out). Again a fiber pen and Deoxit GOLD was used for the contacts.

Cleaning the contact bridges

When resoldering the contact bridges it is important that they are fully pressed in the board to get the required 0,5 mm air gap.

All contacts cleaned !

Time now to turn the board and replace all the glass bulbs

The same thing for the smaller motor operation board. Just cleaning of contacts. No recapping or glass bulb replacement.

Shiny and bright ! Up to the next phase...!

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