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Saturday, February 3, 2018

Bemaster 6000 (2702) restoration: the FM preset board

Restoring equipment also requires cleaning. After 40+ years, some units collect dust, a lot of dust as you could see already in one of my first posts "a look inside". The FM preset board was no different. A lot of dust but also corroded trimmer contacts. These trimmers are open types and the board sits just under the front key pannel where you have a lot of "gaps" where dust can penetrate. 

One needs to desolder the 3 trimmer contacts to be able to remove and open them. After desoldering they slide out of the main black plastic holder.

Once you get them out, it is easy to disassemble them. A small retainer clip on the back needs to be removed and then everything "falls apart".

Time to remove the old grease and clean up the carbon and slider contacts. I used a fiber pen and Deoxit GOLD cleaning & coating.

After reassembling I continued with the remaining 4 and cleaned them the same way.

The only thing left now was to solder them back on the board. Important is to make sure they are all pressed completely against the board for perfect alignment before soldering.

Looks good to me ! 

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