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Monday, May 3, 2021

Beogram 8002 From North Carolina: Project Start

With the Canada Beogram 4004 in the middle of listening tests (enjoyable testing I should say) I can start looking at the next Beogram project.  

A while back I received a nicely packed Beogram 8002 from North Carolina. 

It is worth noting that the small styro-foam block outlined in green plays an important protective function in the packing of a Beogram 800x turntable.

It secures the top and bottom of the Beogram 800x case where the lid over the tonearm compartment and the Beogram transformer live.

This block prevents the tonearm compartment lid from opening and the transformer assembly from bouncing loose should the Beogram shipping box experience a sever jolt (i.e. drop).

Here is the unpacked Beogram.  It shows the three floating chassis lock down screws still securing the chassis.

Before opening the Beogram into the service position I notice that the dust cover assembly and hinge are not fitting quite right.

Here is the Beogram opened up to its service position.

From the initial service position I opened access to the main circuit board assembly and removed the Beogram 8002 turntable components from the cabinet.

Here is the empty Beogram 8002 cabinet.

Here are the main turntable components removed for working on.

Here is a closer look at the main circuit board and the small microcomputer board.

The electrolytic capacitors all look original in this Beogram.  They are overdue for replacement.

On the output, muting relay board (where the phono DIN plug connects to the Beogram 8002) I can see that there is a broken wire.

I further disassembled the Beogram 8002 dust cover assembly.

The dust cover assembly is in nice shape overall. 
The small metal hinge assembly for raising and lowering the dust cover is not properly attached to the dust cover. That is preventing proper operation of the dust cover lid.

The damped hinge assembly for the lid over the tonearm compartment is void of any damping grease. That causing operation problems for that lid assembly.
I will have to dive deeper into the Beogram to repair those two items.

Here are some photos of the Beogram 8002 dust cover raise and lower components.

The following photo shows a slick sheet of plastic material (highlighted in blue) that is there to aid the dust cover leaf spring assembly to move up and down.
The photo also shows screw (hightlighted in yellow) that someone added to try and secure the Beogram 8002 dust cover to the cabinet.

Here is a closer look at the leaf spring for the Beogram 8002 dust cover.

Finally...here is the identification sticker on this Beogarm.

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